Mediacube is a project that aims to create a full featured Linux based PVR. PVR stands for Personal Video Recorder which allows you to record and pause live television. The software should also let you record any program at any time, either scheduled or directly, and also provide a number of other features. Apart from the mediacube software and some extra packages, specialized hardware is also utilized.

So far these following features have been implemented:

Sooner or later these will go in too, in one form or another:


The hardware used for Mediacube is a little bit special, as it should fulfill these following criterias:

Extra software

Some extra software is needed by Mediacube in order to run. You will need:


For now, please look at the SourceForge project page and use CVS. Packages will possibly follow later.

Screenshots and pics

Of course there is some eye candy to be looked at.